The Girl Behind The Lens


I’m a nature loving, adventure seeking, red wine drinking, heels hating, hiking boots wearing kind of girl. There are a few things that I believe strongly in. …Coffee (stupid amounts of coffee). Documenting everything. Listening to 90s music on a regular basis. And adventuring as often as possible.  

“I believe all love should be admired in the most intentional way possible and that a wedding day is meant to be celebrated as such.”


You can find me in Denver. But I am prone to wander.
I also hit up Dallas alot. I am originally from there, so I don’t charge travel fees for weddings down there!

I am adopted. And I have the absolute best parents I could have ever asked for. 

I have a degree that I don’t use… Not mad about it! I am just like super educated in rehabilitation & counseling…. thats cool right?

I have a true love for learning about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. I also have a true love for eating an entire container of baked brie cheese topped with almonds and honey and drinking half a bottle of wine in one sitting.  #balance?

I really don’t understand the hype around the TV show Friends.. I mean, haven’t you people watched How I Met Your Mother?! It’s legendary… 


kick ass Weddings and Elopements Captured


Different States Traveled To For My Couples


miles I've Hiked Since Moving to colorado


glasses of wine drank while editing. At least...

I'm Your Photographer If...
You are a total down to earth type of couple. You aren't worried about the little things. About getting mud on your shoes or dirtying up your dress. & when the weather acts up on your wedding day, you'll choose to dance in the rain!
I'm Your Photographer If...
You love a good adventure. Hiking is kind of your thing. & Sitting around the campfire with a tumbler full of wine is the perfect way to end the day.
I'm Your Photographer If...
You're ok throwing out the shot lists and just fully trusting me to just do my thing. Don't stress, I got you!

Here Are a few of my

Favorite Things

Sushi Burritos
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You guys.. I LOVE sushi. Like I could probably eat sushi every day and be perfect content. But sushi burritos brings this love to a whole new level. This is like the one thing I gotta have after a hike in Boulder. A sushi burrito from Motomaki. If you haven't been and you like sushi I suggest you go... like... right now.
Hiking and Exploring
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It's no secret that I love to be outdoors and explore new trails. I am sure you can tell from my site that being outside and hiking to the tops of mountains completely and utterly makes me feel alive.
Jayleigh Bug
Jayleigh Bug
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Jayleigh is that adorable little yorkie you see in the photo next to her name. Shes pretty stinky, and kinda cute, and truly is the best little pup. She's kind of an old lady and thats ok. She's 14 and is just the most spoiled little babe. While I love the poop out of her, I absolutely love all dogs and am a huge believer that dogs should be included in your session. So if you're wondering if I would be down to bring your dog along, the answer is always yes!
Film Photography
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Yes I still shoot film. And no film is not dead! I love adventuring and documenting the day on film. While I do not shoot film in my professional work [thats sort of a lie.. I may pull out the film camera during your portraits or engagement session because why not?!] I do just love to go out and capture everyday life with my film camera. There is something about an image captured with film that just brings so much life to it. Call me old fashioned but its my favorite!
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You guys.. I am a little obsessed with plants. If i could fill my apartment with them I would. However I have a problem, and that is that I do NOT have a green thumb. I sadly kill so many plants and it kind of breaks my heart. Like how do people keep their plants alive?!
Wine + Cheese
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Ok if any of you follow me on my personal insta you've noticed that during the quarantine I started making cheese boards... To say I am addicted is an understatement. I actually had to stop buying cheese for a while because I literally gained like 10 lbs and i totally blame the cheese. And then add in a good glass of Red and seriously.... life made!

Let's Talk

About Your Wedding Day

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know me a little, I would love to get to know you! Reach out to me by clicking the ‘Let’s Chat’ button below.

When I get back to you, I will plan a time for us to really get to know each other. I prefer to set up a zoom meeting so I can see your pretty faces and hopefully meet your dogs. Lets be real… It will probably turn into your dog Facetiming with my dog and that’s totally ok.

Seriously you guys… I can’t wait to hear from you!