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Savannah + Bryce. Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session.

Magic came in the form of beautiful mountains and epic rainbows yesterday at Savannah and Bryce’s engagement

Ashleigh + Marsalis. Dream Lake Sunrise Engagement Session.

Talk about an epic engagement session, where do I even begin?  Ashleigh and Marsalis flew out here from Chicago to

Jen + Alex. Plano Texas Couples Session.

Hey World… Let me introduce you to these two amazing kick ass humans, Jen & Alex. Jen and I have known each

Eva + Michael. Rocky Mountain National Park Couples Session.

Man oh man aren’t these two just PERFECT for each other. Eva is a dear friend of mine, and when she told me that

Billy + Katie. Turner Falls Couples Session.

“OHHHHMYYYGAHHHHHH, You’re a wizard I swear”, were the exact words that came out of Katie’s

Chrissie + Ben. Allen Dam Engagement Session.

I don’t know if I have ever seen two people so sweetly in love before now. Chrissie and Ben are such a beautiful

Andrea + Chris | McKinney Texas Engagement Photography.

Lorrrdddyyy was this one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. Not just because Andrea and Chris are two super great

Megan + Eric. Eldorado Canyon Engagement Session.

Colorado in the winter time. Its freeking magical. Megan and Eric wanted some snowy engagement photos and thats exactly

Charrisuh + Jessica. In Home Couples Session.

Over the past year, I have grown such a love for in home couples sessions. I have been craving some in home lovey dovey

Alex + Chris. A Winter Colorado Marriage Proposal.

Today was magical. And only part one of our photographic journey with these two love birds. Chris contacted me about a

Lost Gulch Couples Session

Sometimes us photographers love to get a group of awesome couples together and take as many gorgeous photos as

Dani + Matt. A Garden of the Gods Engagement Session.

I don’t even know where to begin other than this was one of the most epic sessions I have ever photographed at

Katie + Billy. A Couples Session

These two seriously make my heart so happy. When I get to photograph friends of mine, I always find it inspiring to see

Adonis + Madelyn. Garden of the Gods Sunrise Engagement Session

So I may not be a morning person, but I am always down to shoot a sunrise engagement session. The light is so golden

Karen + Evan. Garden of the Gods Engagement Session.

Oh my word. Yesterday’s session with Evan and Karen was all sorts of awesome. Being in Colorado, especially in